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When I was roped into CITIZEN THINK TANK, a so-called voter education initiative, way back in 2007, I was assured by the two founding members that it was NEUTRAL and NON-PARTISAN. CTT was supposed to provide information, create awareness and promote discussion among voters on the track record of the candidates in their constituencies. The objective was to choose the right representatives who can best serve their constituents. There were joint events and road shows with ALL BLOGs, an association of social political bloggers whose members include Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), Ahiruddin Attan (Rocky), Nuraina Samad, Big Dog, Brick and Kickdefella.
[I withdrew from the CTT pro-tem committee with another female member when we felt that the guys' mindset on gender roles was rather Jurassic. One of the founders later quit his job at a hi-tech corp to join Malaysiakini and mock the word 'Allah' by posting 'sightings' on strange surfaces such as beef patties on his FB wall. So much for non-partisanship and sensitivity to Muslims' feelings.]
Jadual taklimat PEMANTAU – updated 11 April 2013
Yellow for Monarchy or Mayhem? 
Then Wong Chin Huat, a former student from UM, came into the picture with BERSIH. I was impressed by his supposedly genuine demands for a FREE and FAIR election. Again, I was assured that it was INDEPENDENT and NON-PARTISAN. However, I was glad I didn't join the BERSIH 1.0 demonstrators who marched to the gates of the Istana Negara. The event was hijacked by Anwar Ibrahim who rode in on a big bike to the front line. At that time, I was told that BERSIH chose yellow to show its support for the King since 'the rakyat' was disenchanted with the government of the day.
The colour yellow must have stood for something other than the Monarchy when Ambiga Sreenivasan (former President of Bar Council) and A Samad Said (National Poet Laureate) led the emboldened protestors of BERSIH 2.0 towards Dataran Merdeka. Once again it was hijacked by Anwar Ibrahim, and Azmin Ali, who gave instructions to the mob to cross the barricades. What happened after was pandemonium.
Now, even the seemingly sane Harris Ibrahim with his People's Parliament in 2007 has mutated into Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM), Asal Bukan UMNO (ABU), SKUAD ABU and TAHAN, a disgruntled citizen vigilante group deployed to stop voters suspected of being foreigners from exercising their rights.
And the latest 'voter education group' in town is TINDAK, which was alleged by Tunku Aziz of Transparency International (TI) to cause disruptions at the polling stations.
Well, I'm just glad that I pulled out of the farce before I was dragged into the abyss of lunacy.
Here are two links for first time voters who would like to know more about genuine electoral/voter education programs and the pitfalls of having citizen vigilante groups swarming the polling venues.

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Dissent for the sake of dissenting?

Front page report of the Oppositions' Victory in the 12th General Elections in 2008
Thomas Jefferson, one of the presidents and Founding Fathers of the USA, said:
"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism".
My journey as a 'dissenter' began when I was an impressionable pre-U student in the psychedelic '70s. My late mother used to rent out a room and provide catering service to UM students, some of whom were involved in student demonstrations and subsequently expelled. I was spellbound by their courage and sacrifice for the plight of the landless peasants, fishermen and other proletariats.
This spark was reignited when I was initiated to 'Critical Studies' at UW-Madison in the late '80s and early '90s. It was only natural to gravitate towards the community of local Critical Scholars when I returned home. To support mainstream positivist and capitalistic ethos would mean betraying the struggle for a more meaningful egalitarian and utopian alternative. In the case of communication/media studies, which was my field, it would translate into participatory communication research which empowers the subjects and small-scale, independent media enterprises which reflect a wide range of perspectives.    
The emergence of alternative news portals and 'so-po' blogs in the new millenium should have been God's Gift to critical scholars who had protested against the monopoly of mega media conglomerates, "the  mouthpieces of greedy corporations and military-industrial complex".
However, very few of the practitioners of the new media are able to remain independent and neutral. Many styled themselves as new versions of the Partisan Press, either due to political conviction or expediency. Even those who claim to be the 'Voice of the People/Rakyat' and advocating 'Change' turned out to be  critics of UMNO and supporters of PR. Within the rhetoric of 'the two-party system', there's hardly space for independent viewpoints.
The local political arena is still dominated by parties and their personalities, instead of issues and causes. The ideals of educating and raising the political awareness of citizens and voters seem to be lost by the wayside. With paid cyber troopers and hacks dominating the terrain, even unpaid supporters, sympathisers and by-standers tend to over-indulge in mindless, sycophantic adulations of the parties and their leaders. What is more disturbing is the fact that some local politicians seek foreign (read American and Australian) endorsement and orchestrate external intrusions.
There appears to be an absence of a post-colonial consciousness and an abandonment of post-Merdeka, Non-Align Standpoint. Power Struggle has replaced Class Struggle. The interpretation of 'New Politics' is NOT about empowering the Working Class, the Under Class or the Disenfranchised. Rather it's blatant contempt for the Poor, Rural, non-English Educated, 'Coloured' masses, in other words the 'Low Class' constituents.
It would be naive to ignore the Reality of Post-Cold War, Post-911 US and other adversaries' geo-political strategic mapping. National Sovereignty, Security, Safety, Political Stability and continuous Delivery of Public Goods (i.e. affordable housing, good roads, schools, hospitals, electricity, water, scholarships, loans, aids and incentives, etc.) should be on TOP of the voters' minds, young or old, when they cast their ballots in the coming 13th GE.                        
To conclude,
"Dissent for the sake of dissenting is NOT patriotic. It isn't dissent that makes it patriotic. It's the REASON for the dissent."  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sabah for Bruneians?

Sepertimana slogan 'Singapore for Singaporeans', kita sering terkeliru dengan tuntutan kelompok-kelompok yang menggesa Negeri di Bawah Bayu ini diberikan autonomi atau dikembalikan kepada mereka.
Dalam hal tuntutan ke atas Sabah, jika berdasarkan sejarah pra-penubuhan Malaysia pada 16 September 1963, golongan manakah yang dianggap paling layak?
Mereka yang mendakwa diri mereka Orang Asal (Kadazan-Dusun-Murut)?
Orang Suluk/Tausug?
Pemerintah Filipina?
Atau KeSultanan Melayu Brunei?
Menilai hak tuntutan ke atas wilayah-wilayah di garisan sempadan pasca-kolonial bukanlah suatu usaha mudah. Kita perlu menyusuri sejarah rantau ini sehingga ke zaman awal tamadun manusia.
Makalah di bawah (Sejarah Ringkas Borneo Utara) mengesahkan bahawa jika ada pihak yang berhak menuntut Sabah dipulangkan kepadanya ialah KeSultanan Brunei Darus-Salam, bukan Pemerintah Filipina atau kumpulan-kumpulan lainnya.
Bagi pembaca tegar blog-blog 'Mistisfiles' dan Melayu Nusantara, sudah pasti arif dengan kisah pelayaran Pemaisuri Hatshepsut, Pemerintah Mesir Kuno, ke Tanah Punt atau Puni yakni nama kuno Brunei:
Perhatikan busana Mesir kuno yang mirip 'sarong' Nusantara!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


                                      Peta Borneo di lukis oleh Sepanyol pada abad ke-16

Sebelum abad ke-6, hampir seluruh kepulauan Borneo adalah di bawah kuasa kesultanan Brunei. Sumber dari Rekod Sejarah Brunei (Brunei Annals)pada tahun 600 Masihi, merekodkan tentang perhubungan diplomatik dan perdagangan antara kerajaan Brunei  dan  Kerajaaan Cina pada ketika itu. Penempatan Cina dikatakan berada di kawasan Kinabatangan berdasarkan sumber arkeologi seperti seramik yang di temui di kawasan tersebut sekaligus menunjukkan bahawa aktiviti petukaran barang, seramik dan rempah ratus pernah berlaku.
Sebelum pendudukan British, Kepulauan Borneo mempunyai  tiga bentuk sistem politik iaitu:

1.       1. Sistem politik kesukuan
Terdapat di kawasan pedalaman yang dianggap merdeka dan di huni oleh kaum-kaum Dusun, Murut dan Sungai. Kaum-kaum ini hidup terpisah dengan kumpulan lain atas factor-faktor geografi seperti banjaran, bukit bukau, sungai dan jeram.

2.     2. Sistem politik Kesultanan

Sistem ini wujud di sekitar persisiran pantai barat dan timur Borneo Utara dan bertapak kukuh di Pantai Barat. Kawasan-kawasan ini di uruskan atau di tadbir oleh wakil-wakil kesultanan Brunei. Walaupun dalam system Kesultanan Brunei tanah dan rakyat terletak di bawah kuasa mutlak Sultan, namun dalam kes Borneo Utara, kaum bangsawan Brunei di beri hak ke atas tanah dan penduduk. Hal ini menyebabkan tanah-tanah di Pantai Barat terpecah kepada 3 iaitu :

a)      Tanah milik para Pengiran
b)      Tanah Kuripan
c)       Tanah Sultan

3.  3Sistem Politik Kuasa Bebas

Sistem ini wujud kerana keberanian, keperwiraan seseorang tokoh yang dapat mencabar kuasa Sultan.Tokoh-tokoh ini menegakkan kekuasaan dan kewibawaan mereka melalui undang-undang sendiri tanpa mengiktiraf atau menghiraukan kuasa-kuasa lain. Golongan-golongan adalah daripada ketua-ketua yang mempunyai pertalian darah dengan kesultanan Sulu serta keturunan Arab Sharif. Contoh tokoh-tokoh ini adalah seperti Sharif Usman yang memerintah Marudu sekitar tahun 1830-1840.


                                                 Peta kemorosotan kuasa Brunei dan Sulu

British mula bertapak keatas Sabah seawal tahun 1760-an apabila Alexander Dalrymple membuat perjanjian dengan  Sultan Sulu untuk membuka pangkalan perdagangan Syarikat Hindia-Timur British di Pulau Balembangan yang terletak kira-kira 20 batu dari utara Kudat. Dalrymple kemudian mengganti nama pulau Balembangan kepada “Felecia”. Walaubagaimanapun pertapakan syarikat British di Pulau tersebut tidak lama apabila pulau tersebut akhirnya di tinggalkan pada tahun 1805.

Pada tahun 1840-an British telah berunding dengan Sultan Brunei untuk menyerahkan Labuan yang terletak di Barat Laut Borneo. British ingin menjadikan Labuan sebagai pangkalan, melombong arang batu, membanteras lanun serta meningkatkan perdagangan. Labuan kekal di tangan  British sehingga tahun 1907, apabila Labuan di letakkan di bawah kerajaan negeri-negeri Selat.

Pada tahun 1850-an, Wakil Amerika iaitu Charles Lee Moses telah membuat perjanjian pajakan dengan sewa $ 9,500 setahun selama 10 tahun  dengan Sultan Brunei. Tidak lama kemudian, Moses telah menyerah pajakan tersebut kepada pedagang AS di Hongkong iaitu Joseph Torrey dan Thomas Harris.

 Akibat menghadapi masalah kewangan, pada tahun 1875, Torrey telah menjual haknya kepada Baron Gustavus Baron Overbeck  berbangsa Austria yang bekerjasama dengan saudagar kaya dari British bernama Alfred Dent. Pada tahun 1877 Overbeck telah Berjaya mendapat pajakan seluruh hak tanah sultan Brunei di Sabah selama 10 tahun lagi iaitu dengan sewa sebanyak $ 15,000 setahun. 

                                  Surat perjanjian penyerahan Borneo Utara kepada British

Pada tahun 1878 pula, Overbeck telah berunding dengan Sultan sulu untuk menandatangani perjanjian serah hak tanah di bawah kuasa Sultan Sulu kepada Syarikat Overbeck. Sultan sulu bersetuju untuk menyerahkan haknya dengan bayaran $ 5,000 setahun. Perjanjian ini lah yang menjadi kontroversi dan isu tuntutan Sulu terhadap Pantai Timur Sabah sehingga sekarang kerana Sultan Sulu beranggapan, pihaknya hanya menyewakan tanah tersebut kepada British sedangkan dalam surat yang di tulis dalam bahasa arab menyatakan SULU MENYERAHKAN BORNEO UTARA kepada British.
Selain tertipu, Sultan Sulu juga menyerahkan seluruh haknya kepada British kerana kedua-dua pihak tersebut memiliki kerjasama sulit dalam hal perdagangan senjata api dan ubat bedil.  
Sehingga kini, Sabah masih membayar sewa kepada Sultan Sulu sebanyak $5000 di sebabkan terdapat klausa dalam perjanjian tersebut yang berkata ; “sekarang ini saya berikan ini kepada kamu sebagai sewa sehingga tidak ada matahari dan bulan”.
British walaubagaimanapun mengukuhkan kuasanya di tanah Sabah apabila Syarikat Overbeck dan Dent mengalami masalah kewangan dan terpaksa meminta suntikan kewangan daripada kerajaan British pada tahun 1878. British bersetuju untuk memberi bantuan kewangan dengan syarat hanya wakil British sahaja yang boleh berada di Borneo Utara. Dengan itu, Overbeck yang berbangsa Austria terpaksa menjualkan semua sahamnya kepada Alfred Dent.
Pada tahun 1888, Borneo Utara di letakkan di bawah naungan British di mana kerajaan British akan memberikan perlindungan kepada Borneo Utara di bawah pengaruh British.
Sepanjang pemerintahan syarikat British di Borneo Utara, banyak pembangunan telah di lakukan. Walaupun pemerintahan British aman, masih terdapat juga beberapa penentangan seperti penentangan Mat Salleh (1894-1900) dan penentangan Rundum oleh kaum murut pada tahun 1915.
Pihak BNBCC berupaya memerintah Borneo Utara sehingga 1942, selama 60 tahun apabila Perang Dunia Kedua tercetus. Tentera Jepun mendarat di Labuan pada 1 Januari dan menduduki Borneo Utara sehingga ia dibebaskan oleh askar dari ‘9th Division Australian Imperial Forces (A.I.F)’ pada tahun 1945. Selepas Perang Dunia Kedua, Borneo Utara telah ditadbir oleh Pentadbiran Ketenteraan British (British Military Administration) sehingga 15 Julai 1946 apabila kerajaan sivil disambung semula.
Pada 15 Julai 1946, Borneo Utara diletakkan di bawah jajahan British kerana BNBCC tidak mampu membina semula kemusnahan Borneo Utara selepas Perang Dunia Kedua. Kemusnahan teruk yang dialami oleh bandar Sandakan telah menyebabkan Jesselton dipilih sebagai ibu negeri selepas era Perang Dunia Kedua dan status ini kekal ke hari ini. Sistem pentadbiran penjajahan selepas perang adalah sama dengan sistem pentadbiran pada era BNBCC. Pembinaan semula dan pembangunan negeri Borneo Utara menjadi fokus utama para pentadbir.

                       Kemerdekaan Sabah pada 31 Ogos 1963

Pada amnya keadaan negeri Borneo Utara adalah aman dan tenang sehingga tahun 1960-an apabila wujudnya kesedaran politik. Keinginan kemerdekaan seperti yang dicapai oleh negara lain telah sampai ke Borneo Utara. Penyebaran semangat ini bermula dengan pengumuman yang dilakukan oleh Perdana Menteri Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman pada tahun 1961 berkaitan dengan pembentukan Persekutuan Malaysia yang terdiri daripada Malaya, Borneo Utara, Sarawak, Brunei dan Singapura. Malaysia telah wujud dengan rasminya, tanpa Brunei, pada 16 September 1963 dan nama Borneo Utara telah ditukar kepada Sabah. Terlebih dahulu dari itu, Borneo Utara telah mencapai kemerdekaan dari British pada 31 0gos 1963. Bagaimanapun pada tahun 1965, Singapura keluar daripada Persekutuan Malaysia.

                                                  Presiden Diasdado Macapagal

Pada 12 September, 1962, semasa pentadbiran Presiden Diosdado Macapagal, Wilayah Borneo Utara, telah diserahkan oleh Sultan Sulu yang memerintah ketika itu, Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Muhammad Esmail E. Kiram I, kepada Republik Filipina. Penyerahan ini telah memberikan kerajaan Filipina kuasa penuh untuk menuntut hak keatas Sabah di Mahkamah Antarabangsa. Filipina telah memutuskan hubungan diplomatik dengan Malaysia selepas Sabah disatukan dengan Persekutuan Malaysia pada tahun 1963. Perkara ini telah dibubarkan pada tahun 1989 kerana kerajaan Filipina yang baru telah menggugurkan tuntutan mereka demi untuk memperbaiki semula hubungan diplomatik dengan Kuala Lumpur yang terjejas. Sehingga sekarang, Malaysia terus menolak ajakan Filipina untuk menyelesaikan masalah tuntutan Filipina keatas Sabah ke Mahkamah Keadilan Antarabangsa. Lanjutan dari itu, Sabah melihat isu tuntutan ke atas Sabah untuk dibawa ke Mahkamah Keadilan Antarabangsa yang dibuat oleh Pemimpin Moro Filipina iaitu Nur Maisuri sebagai bukan isu, maka tuntutan tersebut tidak diendahkan.

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Let's have Mi Rebus Haji Watusi for Lunch!

Rail travel has really come a long way for both sides of the Malaysia-Singapore divide. 
From Low Speed Senandung Malam to High Speed (K)night Rider (?), the modest locomotive has evolved by leaps and bounds to cut travelling time from a whole day (or night) to a mere 90 minutes.
Imagine spending Saturdays or Sundays having Mi Rebus Haji Watusi or Nasi Sambal Goreng at Hajjah Maimunah for lunch, catching up with long lost relatives all over the island in the afternoon, and heading home for KL in the evening.
A Popular Mi Rebus Joint
Restoran Hajjah Maimunah on Joo Chiat Road
Or having Ampang Yong Tau Foo for lunch and shopping at Pavillion after that for the Singaporeans. 
Famed Ampang Yong Tau Foo
On the downside though, hope this does not open the gates for the flooding of FTs from Singapore into Malaysia!   
Courtesy of

PMs agree on high speed rail linking KL, Singapore

Singapore's Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong (right), meets Malaysia's Prime Minister, Mr Najib Razak, in Singapore for the Singapore-Malaysia Leader's Retreat at the Shangri-La Hotel on Feb 19, 2013. Singapore and Malaysia have agreed to build a high speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, a move that will "dramatically improve" the connectivity between the two countries. -- ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN
Singapore and Malaysia have agreed to build a high speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by 2020, in a move that both heads of government called a "game-changer".
Announcing the breakthrough agreement at a press conference today following bilateral talks, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the rail link would create a 90 minute door to door journey for commuters, and that it will "change the way we do business, the way we look at each other and interact."
He pointed to the Eurostar link between Paris and London, which transformed "two European cities into one virtual urban community" as a model for the KL-SG link.
Malaysian PM Najib Razak said that the project will be a private-public one, with the link being built by private contractors with government infrastructural support. He declined to estimate how much the project will cost.

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Calling ALL Bawanis!

This is definitely news for Malaysians who feel that FREE education is their birth right. Scholarship packages offered by the Singapore MOE at Sec 1, Sec 3 and Pre-U Levels. Those who score well for their A-Level exams may continue their studies on scholarships at premier universities and colleges in the island republic.
NO Bond, NO NS (National Service), NO Reservist.
The question is why is the Sg government wooing and privileging ASEAN students at the expense of their own citizens who have to compete for limited places and financial aids?
Follow the comments at these links:

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  • Albert Ching Keng Kiang No bond, No NS, No reservist. Free education in poly or u. Steal away jobs. Get pr or citizenship. Bring over their families. Pass remarks such as Singapore is stupid. Push up hdb prices. Discriminate poor Singaporean in workplace after build up their influence......the list goes on. All these i see and experience myself. Please wake up! Fellow Singaporeans.
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  • Han Nakata Fully agree with you Albert......well said!
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  • Tan Lien Heng Adrian Towards own citizens so calculative.... Every cents accounted for and in detailed ... So generous towards foreigners ... We are made to foot their bills ... Laughing stock... No bond ... .. 2016 ... Is the mandate
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  • Ignatius Anselm Chua please remember these when GE 2016 come. dun come talk so much now den all humji in 2016
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  • Hafyz Capulet Like seriously wtf..
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  • Zhi Wei give us NS boys more pay!!! y u give out the money n pocket for your own bonus. Some of us feel like doing full time job as regulars but only given nuts. Serving the nation no need jia peng ah?
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  • Vivian Tan piece of cow dung
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  • Tan Lien Heng Adrian All the education fees increases to sponsor foreigner to study without bond... When Locals lamented ... The garmen... Said is due to wage and admin cost..... Don't ever talk cock .. Again in 2016
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  • Kelvin Treon Come.screw us
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  • Emeritus Joshua Tay Really fucked up policy!!! Boycott the party!!!
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  • Yong Wei There goes our place and the reason for our $400 recruit pay
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  • Gates Nazri This is just insane....what about us???
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  • June Lim Angry.
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  • Lynn Kristine Kueh Citizens kept in the dark! A lot are still in the dark. Why is only Singapore so generous. And a certain MP call Vikram in parliament can ask chen shao mao where to find the money to invest in singaporeans? In this case I rather prefer a welfare state for our own citizens rather than giving as free gifts away.
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  • Annie Quah Really unfair!! Our locals dun get foc scholarships. All come with bonds attach. How come other countries like C, Mym... get foc full scholarships & even able to get local citizenship after completed so long... my co ft is one of these benefit.
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  • Tan Lien Heng Adrian ASEAN means 5 countries.... Excluding Singapore ...Means many FT.... If They take 50 from each country then .....
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  • Cindy Ho Fucked up! Treating own ppl like shit
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  • Yema Tharma Raj Why am I not surprised when it was a tough competition to enter Poly even with good O grades during my time in the late 90s
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  • Josephine Koh This is what happens when higher education is hijacked and marketised by capitalists. Singapore wants to be an education hub and follows the paths taken by so many institutions of higher learning in US and UK. But the weirdest thing is that it doesn't make economic sense to pay for such students who can potentially settle in other parts of the world or go back home.
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  • Jasmine Chow Anyone know how many Asean scholarship MOE gives out every year?
  • Terence Soon Back during my secondary school days, I was in a class full of ASEAN scholars. All fully paid for by the govt. There were less than half of us in our class that were actual Singaporeans. There were 4 such classes in my level. These scholars were no dou...See More
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  • Eric Wong Why our own son and daughter need to pay school fees and lodging? Discrimination to their own citizen!
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  • Rashidah Othman In the polytechnic I studied, there were a lot of foreigners. And I've asked them why did they choose to study in singapore, and they said because of scholarship. MOE went to their countries and recruit students. When I join the working force, all of m...See More
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  • KahWai Wong To be frank, without ASEAN scholarships I don't think they
  • Bert Hu betrayal is the word. when the evil pee-a-pee regime have no qualms betraying Singaporeans, any thing can happen. i mean, everything bad will happen to you daft Singaporeans.
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  • Keith Lee You see it for yourselves. So many why,so little answers. You are no longer fit to lead us, please step down.
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  • Eric Wong Someone need to pass this to thr WP mp and fire question to our educational minister what is the purpose of sponsoring foreigners student instead of using the money to invest in our own true citizen? Worse, fee is increasing steadily for the past several years and paid by the parent own money!
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  • Sheeda Hosyerin Wah.. allowance so big! Nearly d same as my pay which I had for the past 6 years!!!!! Tsk tsk.. so mucg money to invest on others but not on their own ppl!!
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  • Sheeda Hosyerin Oops annual allowance but it's sad still a better option compare to what we getting here!
  • Siti Nuraishah Because its so god damn difficult to make it to our local U, most Singaporeans have to depend on private intitutions and take up a hefty loans frm banks... Eeerrgh! How can those Singaporeans compete with those foreigners with our NUS certs when securing a job??!!!
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  • Feroz Bessir Prostituting Singaporeans hardwork and contribution to foreigners ..... our children have immediately become 2nd class in respect of governmental assistance to foreign aliens....
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  • Uday Aries Oh my god...
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  • Lee Puay Chiang foreigners will apply, since many applications had already been approved in the past,good for them,who is the suffering one that has to foot this bills.
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  • Augy Chew WTF...
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  • Wong Fui Sun It's not only the uni, the secondary school are also having these kind of scholarship, the recruiter from some of the "best" school go to china and recruit those students, and Singaporean are being denied of a place in some of these schools, these students get full board education for free, we Singaporean have to pay for every thing.
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  • Lynn Mamon There's a saying in Malay.. 'Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah kelaparan' which loosely translates; 'the monkeys in the jungle are fed but the children at home were left in hunger.' That is what the govt are doing to our local born and bred children.
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  • Wong Fui Sun +1, when they graduate, they are have a good job standby for them, Singaporean graduate have to fight hard with the low cost foriegner.
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  • Dolly Peh If memory is right, this MOE policy was implemented about 20 years ago,
  • Peter Loh Why NO bond! Throwing away tax payers money then tax us to death! So generous to outsiders but tight fisted to own people even struggling poor only folks! How much total has been given away foc all these years! What is the stupid rational for this FREE education when many of our own are struggling with ever rising costs of living!
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  • Clarence Chong Singaporean student have to compete among themselves for those places while the gov are giving scholarship like door gift....
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  • Lawrence Oei MOE has the cheek to use tax-payers' money to fund the education of foreign imports who publish porn and abuse the generosity of Singaporeans! Ng Eng Hen says that the government is listening to Singaporeans? But, I say lip service to look good for the press is BULL SHIT! As Tan Jee Say said, if the PAP government refuses to change its UNJUST policies, then it is time for us to vote for a regime change!
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  • Basirart Rahman it's really shocking..!
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  • Gowri Ganesan How come underprivileged Singaporeans don't get such benefits?
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  • Cheryl Ong I feel so betrayed. Why didn't the government treat the locals like us as good as the foreigners? The foreigners are only making use of this scholarship to study here for a good degree and they'll go back to their country. Therefore, I really doubt if ...See More
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  • Royston Soon I think MOE should clarify this scholarship. 
    1) Why can't Singaporean apply too? 
    2) Why no bond? 
    3) Who is funding this scholarship? 4) What success stories have we derived from this scholarship?
    And, I think this scholarship should be reviewed again in current climate.
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  • Rylee Husainni Many see no sense in investing on foreigners that may decide to stay someplace else after their education as they dont have a bond to serve..e answer is easy...90% of foreigners that e govt accepts n sponsor are it malaysian chinese or prc....all this is so that they can maintain racial population percentage difference to 70% chinese and 30% others...right now the percentage of others are steadily on e rise n our lacal chinese are either not risking theor kids future by not having kids or by finding a better life overseas...they cant let e minorities increase n overthrow e current majority so they can remain in sad to say that minorities have nver been treated fairly..even our MM openly speaks of his distrust and displeasure against the minority races...its obvious that he would rather waste millions to pollute this land of ours with aliens rather then sharing it equally with e local minorities....