Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cruise from Port Said to Malaysia in 1934

Attended a briefing at the SWAM (Screen Writers' Association of Malaysia) office at Desa Melawati last night (mind the nasty potholes on the road before you turn in to the shoplots, guys).
A bigger crowd than the ones I fraternised with at the two workshops on (Fundamental) Screen Writing and Directing at FINAS which I enrolled myself in.
It's a steal at RM50 per weekend class (Saturday & Sunday), with three full meals thrown in (yummy too, not cat chow).
There was a general spirit of camaraderie, among aspiring and published writers, griping about the challenge of writing for an audience hooked on 'melodrama, horror and comedy'.
Now, I wonder if I can translate whatever I have so far into a 12 episode of 60 minutes' series?
I found out it's much 'cushier' to be a channel-zapping critic than to actually conceptualise, pitch and write a whole series ...

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