Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seediq Bale English Trailer

Sekali lagi, saya teruja dengan berita tentang Seediq Bale, filem termahal - RM73 juta - tentang wira orang asli di Taiwan yang diarahkan oleh Wei Te-sheng. Filem ini dijangka memecahkan rekod 'box office'nya terdahulu melalui filem romantiknya, Cape no. 7.
Apa gamaknya respons Mat Sabu dan pengarah filem lulusan komunikasi dari universiti Taiwan itu?
(Once again, I was excited about a feature article on Seediq Bale, the most expensive production directed by Wei Te-sheng - at RM73 million - about a native hero in Taiwan.
Curious to know what Mat Sabu and that film director who graduated with a mass comm degree from a Taiwanese university have to say about it?)


ninotaziz said...

Loved your comments at OPED.

Islam and the muslim man do not necessarily reflect the same outlook.

And your blog is so serene...while putting forth strong beliefs that shape you. Lovely reading.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Thank you, ninotaziz, for the kind words.
It's sad that there's a disjuncture between Islamic and Muslim outlook on life.
And thanks too for appreciating the blog's aura and its author's candour!