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Halal Food in HCMC

Costly but worth every dong!

Many Malaysian tourists, enticed by ASTRO travelogue Rasa Halal Orient hosted by one of the AF winners Farrah, would be familiar with the names of Halal restaurants like VN HALAL, Halal Saigon, Satay House and Kedai Shamsudin even before they depart for Vietnam.


VN. HALAL serves both Vietnamese and Malaysian dishes
On our first night at HCMC, we were taken to VN HALAL just around the corner from our hotel by Alex, our friendly local guide. The ambiance was quite cosy, with a spiral staircase and an open elevator to deliver food from the first to the ground floor as conversation pieces.
We discovered that these were indeed necessary distractions since the service was at a snail's pace. I had downed two tall glasses of delicious Vietnamese iced coffee and iced chocolate drink before our shared kampong, salted fish and patprik fried rice, all reasonably tasty, was served. While we savoured our dinner, we spotted a Mat Salleh who almost dozed off at his table while waiting for his order!
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Halal Saigon

Address: 31 Dong Du Street (just across the Saigon Central Mosque), District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.  
On our second day, we had both lunch and dinner at Halal Saigon, directly opposite the Saigon Central Mosque or Masjid ar-Rahman and diagonally opposite the Sheraton. The blood red facade led us to a tastefully decorated interior, with sephia-toned photos on the dark grey walls and chic black-and-white lampshades to match the ceiling.     
Halal food in Saigon 001
This brightly painted restaurant is run
 by a dynamic lady, who's also passionate 
about her pharmaceutical plant
Halal food in Saigon 002
The black and white floor tiles complement 
the blood red furniture and wall on the left 
as well as the grey ceiling and wall on the right    
Halal food in Saigon 003
The sephia-toned photos did not diminish 
the elegance of the interior decor
    The food was delicious and the service efficient, with the Malaysian lady owner herself serving the customers when it's crowded in the evening. I had Vietnamese spring rolls for lunch and yam shrimp soup for dinner, which was delightfully different.
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Satay House

Address: 307/25 Nguyen Van Troi St
Phu Nhuan Ward, HCM City

On my third day, I joined a tour group to the Cuchi Tunnels. On the way back to the hotel, the tour bus stopped by an up scale neighbourhood, where we were greeted by the yellow signboard above the Balinese gate which led into the Satay House. 

As soon as we enter the colonial style house, we were confronted with a blown-up photo of the owner with Maria Tunku Sabri, the host of the popular TV3 program, Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (JJMC). 
Since lunch was pre-ordered by the super efficient local guide Erra, it was served as soon as we freshened ourselves with the sanitised wipes provided. The 'asam pedas', 'daging masak kicap', 'sambal belacan' and other dishes deserved a rating of 4/5. The chef and owner themselves made sure that the meal was agreeable to the patrons. On the way out, we stopped to admire a smaller photo of Tun Raha (PM Najib Razak's mother)  on the left wall.   
Kedai Shamsudin
Address: 445 Le Hong Phong St., Ward.2, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel : +84.8.6271-7494

Just before we checked out of the hotel, we had packed 'nasi campur' from Kedai Shamsudin.
From the conventional taste of the 'ayam masak kicap', 'sambal belacan' and 'ulam-ulaman', I surmised that the menu suited the Malay palate just fine.

Hajjah Basiroh

This little makeshift alfresco diner is located right across the street from our hotel.  It's placed in front of a shop selling 'telekung' and 'baju kurung'. The Poh (Vietnamese noodle) was refreshingly light and the iced coffee was a good deal at RM3. Very convenient for situations when your group leader and members left you in the lurch. Do be extra patient though with the pesky peddlers and starving mothers with infants in their arms hanging around the stall. 


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Ramadan Kareem. Thanks for the info. Insya'Allah, I'll drop in when I'm in Philadelphia :)

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Hi! May I know what tour agency you bookd from to go to Cuchi tunnel? It would be great if they could bring me to they satay house for my lunch too :)

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As-salam & Hi Hazimah,
My dance instructor arranged a 'free 'n easy' trip, so I went with another group to Cuchi. You can arrange your own trip and book day tours at the hotel. Good luck! said...

Halal @ Saigon was changed the owner. The ex-owner and Imam ( in Dist 8 Ho Chi Minh city) are openning a new restaurant named Banana Leaf @ Saigon. It's located on 57 Vo Van Tan str, Dist 3 Ward 6. I think it's the good halal restaurant in saigon.
You can access their website to see their restaurant:

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Thanks for the update. I certainly will. All the best.

Anonymous said... is a good site with halal restaurants in details for Bros & Sisters to discoverry Ho Chi Minh city,Hope it help