Thursday, September 3, 2015

Into the Valley: A Troubled PJ Teenhood

(A Sequel to Across the Causeway: A Singapore Childhood)
Bet arrives in KL and decides to give herself a new name and identity. With Mak away most of the time, Bee learns to navigate the Swinging Seventies with both fear and trepidation. When her adopted sister Cherie leaves for Paris to be with Pierre, Bee is left behind to prop up Cherie's brother, Mat Flat who has devolved into Mat 'Fit'. To get away from Mat's drug dependency and Mak's relentless nagging, Bee flings herself into a tumultuous relationship with Zek, a local literary hack.

Content Teasers

* Saint's Hill

* Flash House
* PJ Flats
* Have Men, Will Travel
* The Seksu at the Door
* Speaking in Tongues
* New Blocks on the Street
* Ponchos, Parties and Pot
* The Water Tank
* Hak's Detention
* Sherry's Great Escape
* Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (LSD)
* Flight into Hackland

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