Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Across the Causeway: A Singapore Childhood - Book Trailer


Hi, here's the latest update. 

The official launch was held at Perbadanan Kota Buku (PKB) on Saturday, October 10th 2015. It was a semi-casual affair graced by old college mates, school mates, former students, family and friends. 

F.R.A.N.C.E. - Friendship Remains and Never Can End!
(Left to right) Dato' Muhammad Alias, former Consular-General to Los Angeles, N.B. Badarudin, Dato' Sri Dr. Noorul Ainur Mohd. Noor, Puan Nor Inchun Salleh, Puan Aminah Khalid and Dato' Zulkifli Ya'acob
Dato' Sri Dr. Noorul Ainur, lovingly known as Anne to close comrades, now Secretary-General of MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations) opened the ceremony by regaling the audience on precious moments among the 20 odd first batch of the Creative and Descriptive Writing Programme, UM, Class of '80. It was followed by a slide show by the author, and a sharing session with a young aunt - Cik Pe'ah - who came all the way from Singapore with two cousins, Asiah and Wati.

BFF - Best Friends Forever!
(Left to right) Sa'odah Ismail, celebrity gossip columnist, Sa'adah Salleh, high-profile PR practitioner, Norisah Sulaiman, another high-profile Corporate Communication person, N.B. Badarudin 
Izuan Shah of Auburn and Mel Tonawarna delivered a poignant performance of 'Senandong Malam', the signature song about the protagonist's journey on the night train in '65. The Golden Duet, Dato' Zulkifli Ya'acob aka Ajoi, former ambassador to Argentina and Puan Nor Inchun aka Norie, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, lightened up the event with renditions of Malay evergreens and contemporaries. Last, but not least, was Loque's personalised version of P. Ramlee's 'Tiada Kata Secantik Bahasa'.      

Loque at the mic.

Mel Tonawarna and Izuan Shah 
poured their hearts out for 'Senandong Malam'.

Former students who are now scholars and entrepreneurs in their own right.
(Left to right) Dr Azalan Shah, Lecturer in Media Studies, Nazri Ibrahim, Lecturer in Communications, N.B. Badarudin and Ab. Jalil Backer, proprietor of Gloria Jean's outlets at Securities Commission and a downtown mall.   
Book signing and photo sessions followed with a Javanese Singaporean lunch.  

[Unfortunately, the author was admitted into UMMC the day after the launch due to inflammation of the right eye. Hence, the delay in posting about the event and other related developments.]

Across the Causeway: A Singapore Childhood will be available in MPH bookstores after November 1, 2015. For those who prefer to purchase online, please get your copy/ies from: https://billplz.com/open/acrossthecau...

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