Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Once

Red Flag Over Tor Tor

Just once, can't the belligerant Kumpulan Bendera Indonesia understand that before the Feringgis, the Brits, the Dutch, the Espanols and the Yankees colonised the Malay Archipelago, we were a seamless region which shared similar culture and custom?
Now, why should the Mandailings in the Peninsula be denied of their legitimate claims to their fore fathers' cultural practices?
Plus, aren't cultures supposed to be dynamic and fluid, not static or fixed to a particular time and space?
At the end of the day, it boils down to a sad case of sibling envy. 
As the high achiever Adik, no matter how much Malaysia helps and accommodates her less fortunate Abang, Big Brother will always fault her.    
Update: Foreign Ministry Summons Indonesian Envoy
Girls performing the Tor Tor at Gombak 

I'm smart, I'm cool, look at me people

Just once, can the 'Uber Libs' Bangsar Gen Y not be so condescending towards people from lesser 'burbs than 'Chelsea'?
My son and I were 'immersing' ourselves in 'high' culture at the Annexe Gallery's Art for Grabs and KL Alternative Book Fest yesterday when we got a rude shock.
Rude is precisely the word when a so-called writer of children's book taunted and provoked him with 'ugly' remarks. And to think that all these artist 'fartists' claim to be the most PC of Malaysians. Surely they're above bearing grudges and being 'haters' like the common folks? 
Anyway, I didn't stay long enough to make contrarian remarks at their 'Aiyo Wat La?! Awards', "an event to recognise the most politically incorrect remarks uttered in public every year", or Yin Shao Loong and UNSCIENTIFIC MALAYSIA's discussion on "ideas of race in Peninsular Malaysia". 
Just a final note though to adik-adik Hipsters: Just b'cos Aunty dah pakai jilbab, tak bermakna Aunty tak tau mana silap fahaman Syiah, atau mana kelemahan analisis Marx dan sistem Sosialisme ya ....
Art For Grabs 2012 + KL Alternative Bookfest

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